Friday, February 4, 2011

hepy ever after=)

dearie ******,
dis is specially written 4 u..
all dis startin d end of last year.when i dont hve hp(which is doom in d male toilt of mrsm muar),he msg me in fb 2 contct him.he said its urgent.on dat tyme,im startin 2 feel not lyke him as much as when we're f1 bcoz its enough 2 hve d pain 2 lyke him dis past started 2 give up.when i get d msg,im thinkin twicely.yes or no 2 contct him.n i made d decision.i used my dad hp.n all d precious moments started at dat,at 1st i juz cant believe it n myb he was juz teasin' me.i dont believe it 100% d love 2 him started 2 raise back.huhuhu.when i reached mktb,evrything is chnge n super-duper hepy momnts fill my lyfe at mktb evnthough its juz only a month.when i borrow mimi's hp 2 cll my sista,i coincidntly type his num 2 juz know whether he bring his hp or not.when i heard his voice,i quickly decline it.x brani aq.rse cm butterflies in my stomch.haha.n after dat he call me 4 1 hour.such a long conversation 4 beginning.n d days after dat,he started 2 talk wit me.walk wit me.share anythin wit me.its very weird one ever imagine dat he'll b lyke dat.n 4 sure i lyke it.hehe.n 4 d 1st tyme,he jog wit me.not a really jog.we cht bout anythin dat relate wit us.when its reachin' d last week,i wnt 2 do mny things wit him.lyke playin 1st,i thought he didnt come 2 play wit me.when i asked a boy 2 ask him,he im playin d handball wit my girls.n then im feelin sumthng dat said i hve 2 check whether he came or not.when i look,hes not there bt hes on d way bck 2 soccer.n i shout his nme vry3 loud.yeah, its true bout peeps who born on d same day will hve d instinct 2 each other.n finally we got 2 play 2gether.such a very awesome 4 d cross country,wit d weather as sad as me,both of us manage 2 run 2gther evnthough its rainin' cats n dogs.hehe.till when dat i can xperience dat momnts again???its juz not fair bt i know theres sumthng hidden behind of wut had hppen.i dont blame d faith n destiny.n 4 d lst tyme we met,u know where ryte dear?its juz 2 lil bit of finally i manage 2 eat in front of him witout shyness lyke b4,sit beside him while watchin' our story.hes juz 2 gntle n absolutely he didnt touch me even 4 a single one.d way he treat me mkes me feel lyke on d clouds nine.huhu.over ryte.n d part i dont wnt 2 b occur is when we had 2 separate n go home.OMG!i try 2 hide my tears bcoz i dont wnt 2 cry in front of him n his frens.i juz stare at his face 4 d lst tyme.there're many advices n things dat he said 2 me.wit his saddy face.URGH!i juz cant look at his face on dat tyme.when i had 2 go,i dont wnt 2 look him again.i juz wnt 2 wlk straight witout lookin back.but i cant.n when i look back,hes lookin me 2.wit his sad face.he kept wavin his hand 2 me.n i can see dat hes lookin at me until im vanished from his mind was blnk.n i dunno wut 2 say n do.juz keep silent until i reached alhmdulillah at least i manage 2 meet him. somethng here 4 u dear. 'ALLAH BERI APE YG KITE PRLU,TP BKN AP YG KTE NK'.n dats mean a month bout u n me is d need of both of us.n ap yg lps2 2 adlh ap yg kte nak.xpe.let bygone b bygone.hope u undrstnd dis dear.myb dis is d lst typin from me b4 leavin u.u said dat im budak perak n jirn selngor.n of course air mngglegak.n 4 ur information,i'll bring ur beruang.hahaha.i'll never 4get all those words from u.hehe.last bt not least,ILU!!!!!!!!!

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