Tuesday, November 9, 2010

b a gud listener=)

im listenin 2 some1 xpressd feelin...hurm...xtaw nk bgi feed bck ape kt dy..argh!help me
salam..hi..a long tyme no see.huhu.sorie 4 evry1 who followin dis blog.hurm.1stly,
bcoz im already finish my PMR!but not receivin da result yet.hurm.so have 2 pray to da only one,ALLAH.2 gve all da PMRians da good n btter result which is straight 8A's.AMIN.im on my hols now bcoz we get da a week early 2 go bck home.i cant bear 2 leave my frens,teachers,n all da things in dat school.its really frustratin.its bcoz i have da love one there.dont make a -tve thnking ea.its not bout boyfie,bt its bout my dear sista.shes f5 n we always spend tyme 2gther n it looks lyke we're in da same age.hehe.evry1 kept callin us twins bcoz we do hve da sme face bt not da same attittude.shes so hyperactive n im da opposite.bt we do close 2 each othr.dunno how.n shes da strongest reason y im really sad n dont want 2 leave da school.shes alwys gve her opinions n useful advices. she alwys guide me. n startin from dat, i feel really need n loved at da school. its not dat evry1 hate me. NO!. bt i dont find da real n truely+pure 2 close with me. its not dat my frens hve da reasons 2 b fren with me. its not. sng kte xjmpe yg kte leh luahkn smue. hurm PHEW!easy in malay.=).bt now we're still cntct by hp n dreams..haha.i keep dreamin of her.haha.

but mostly, when im bck home.im receivin a shock news. very shock 4 mela. da 1 dat i love or admire from f1,had fulfill his promises. he told me his feeling 2wrds me. bt i juz cnt accept it.bcoz y? im da 1 who alwys wnt him.haha.mse 2 miang ag.tp skrg sopn sntun.haha. bt i told him 2 gimme some tyme 2 accpt dis sudden news. n now we r msgin 2 know more bout each othr n hope this will lasts 4evr without trpesong ke arh yg xdiizinkn olehNya.hehe.i want 2 put his face here. bt until get his permissionla. hehe.so dats all. LOVE U!