Friday, April 29, 2011


finally i get d chance 2 write on dis aftr a few months.n i write dis bcoz of him.wntd me 2 do dis badly.ok2 i'll do it 4 u dear.aftr d anugrh's day,i went bck 2 taipng.urm.b4 dat.d anugrh's is very AMAZING! bcoz i had d chnce 2 meet my frens,teachers n of course.........hehehe.i got 2 meet 'em d nite b4 d event bcoz mun n man wnt 2 hve d ride 2 muar.when we're on d front gte of mjsc muar,mun n me started 2 scream lyke crazy coz its UNBELEIVEABLE!when we reached at d side of surau,i saw a grup of grls running+screaming 2wrds me.da mcm trbring2 kt ats tnh yg hmpap aq lak 2.skit2.then they brought me 2 d pum stalls.n i saw him coming.OMG!da la lom mndy,mke brminyk.i felt lyke wnt 2 go 2 othr side bt nani hold me very tightly 2 stay there.ish!he face me n i saw his smiling face.apa aq nk wt nie.i saw a little jnggut at his chin.comel!cm ustaz aq.hehe.he juz smiling n we had a very short conversation bcoz of me dat being very shy.i asked 'em i mean d girls 2 gimme some water but suddenly hes d 1 who bought d water.sirap,juz a gud choice wit its coldly ice.hehe.then, isaw d budak kcik.hes juz stare at men wit his shocky face.pity of u.i wnt 2 wave at him bt nvm.(tkot kne mrh).hehe.then i had 2 go bck coz my fam startd 2 get mad.n as 4 2morrow,i woke up l8 n he had miscll me wit so mny tymes.d evnt start at 9 bt i had juz wnt 2 get my bath on 8+.xpe smpt2.siap mmg lju gler.n i manage 2 get there on 9 sumthng.nervous.thnx 2 k nureen 2 accompany me in.i supposed 2 sit d line juz behind his.n ALHAMDULILLAH theres an empty space bside iza.d 3rd line of i lyke dat seat coz i can peek at him quietly witout him noticing it.usually kalo dlu2,aq jep yg tgk2 now its different.brani da 2 look back.huh.gatal.hehehe.liitle by little,my missness 2wrds him getting cured.then aftr da evnt,we walk 2gether 2 phys corner.n he sat in front of me.i donno wut 2 say n i cant keep my face from smiling.when they wnt 2 t8 my pic,i asked 'em 2 wait coz its sooo tired 2 juz smile.i hit my cheeks wit my fingers 2 relax d muscles. n u knoe wut sum1 said dat im CHUBBY!!!!gram btol.rse cm gmok ble org ckp cm2.ish!actually (mlu+xtaw nk wt pe+bngang!)he also gimme a choc.d cdbury blckforest.YUMMY!then we had 2 separate 4 d zuhur prayers n i want 2 sleep!!!!pnt la.i woke upon 3 o'clock n wut a huge tyme dat i had been wasting.hurriedly,i went 2 c noer's house n help her wit her stuff n i had 2 do sumthng 2 meet him.i asked him 2 meet me at blik grakan along wit dayah n c noer.he brought a few foods.when we juz strted 2 eat,my mum n my sys(she drive d car so fst 2 not let me meet him).jht gler.i juz want 2 cry when i know they're there.add up, i dont evn hve d tyme 2 spend wit him+2 teach him d addmths.i learn sumthng from here; when u get d chnce,dont waste it n dont sleep!
n when we're 2 xcited wit sumthng,we'll hve such a short tyme 2 feel it.....nvm.....smue nie ad hikmahnye.
2 feel d 2 G!!!!!!!=)