Monday, December 28, 2009


assalamualaikum...hehehe...xcited..wanna 2 write sumthng...2 day as usual i woke up at 10 am..dats becoz my dad had already scold me n start 2 nag...he is my real alarm clock..huhu..n not forget my mum..he asked me 2 prepared becoz we have 2 go 2 'pasar tani'..i juz company him coz dont want him 2 get sbnrnye tkot kne mrh..i strt 2 get some bath n hey presto! aq da siap...nt kne bebel ag..we jln2 jap n buy some meat for my granny..bli 2 jek..then we go 2 pay some bill..hey! my dad trust me on deposit the money(CASH!!!kaching $$) for our car's and bike's loan..haha..boaSTING...then we go to isma yahya 2 buy some cocoa powder...i juz waited at our bike..then the opposite where im standing theres a boy dat i think i know him is carrying some glass and plates...then i know dat he is faizal...the boy dat once stole my heart..he actually the son of the restaurant owner..myb kne suro wt keje kot..lazy boy...i juz staring at him n wait until he recognise me..then when he turned back he dropped the plates!! nseb bek 1 je yg pech..huhu...then he we waved each other nhe start 2 walk 2wrds me..but stopped bcoz my dad had come...urgh!!ayh nie kacola...then i saw dat he quickly write some note on a tissue n it is his phone number!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ngeeeeee~..nseb bek power mate aq still kuat...with a flash i quickly save the num in my memory n put it in a drawer write IMPORTANT!!! n locked it...hahaha..nola actually i juz take out my hp n copied the num..dats the use of hp..i think..i message him first n my smile getting boarder..hehe..dats my first love u know...hes da one who tackle me 1st..not me yaw...huhu..dats all...thnkz 4 reading this....SMOOCHIE_WOOCHIE_GOLDEN_HONEYCOMB