Friday, January 1, 2010

tired day~~~~~~~~

im waking up in the morning on the 1st dat of 2010..oops!!its already 11am...pech rekod ue...then get some bath n shopping tyme!!! huhu...1st we go to shoes shop 2 buy my line 7's shoes..hey dat shoes last 4 a year..i rathr buy dat than buy ladies's at bata's..then we go to the store 2 get some track bottoms n lng sleeves 4 me...then we go 2 bpmall...ape lg beli shoes mum had already go 2 da crocodile's n sembonia's..n aq still lost xtaw nk plih brand ape...this 4 sandal at school...kne crik yg long lsting lak uh...mle2 g scott...smuenye slipar..kalo sndal pon cm leh trcabot je kalo aq pki..then bum equipment...comfy but 2 expnsive!!! then try crocodile..argh!! mcm org tue...nnty x psl2 trexchnge ngan ckgu aq lak...ps2 try g red modani then my mum said dat the shoes r physically attrctive but its isnt last long...then lstly i buy the hawkeye's....its white n okla nk jdik sandal...its price is 55.90..n mum was lookin' at me...jelingan maut ue..yerkla bru sndal kt skola da 55.90..sorry mum..u hve a high maintnnce zap i raised my hand n said mum its my own jdik belila...

at night, we go 2 banang golf n country club bcoz hve some dinnr there..huh..sesat..smue da nek gile...n we almost bang! with anothr mum felt vry dizzy n i wish i can drive car..huhu..n we mnge go there..the food is not worth wif our journey 2 go there..its juz common menu...Alhamdulillah but,.....hey nie kn club golf..xkn nie je??? we juz eat n looking at the prformnce dat is not related 2 mum start 2 sleep...n i went 2 da swimmin' pool 2 capture some pic...but cm biasela..usb tired..gonna get some sleep...


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