Wednesday, November 25, 2009


im najihah haroon..sweet 14 n will be 15th on 26th feb nxt sharing da same date of born wif someone really meant 4 batu pahatians but now more 2 muarians..coz im schooling at mrm muar...nyce place...act2ally im supposed 2 study at TIGS but got 2 go to mrsm mur..feel really relieved 2 go from dat school..hehe..but da gud situation doesnt last long coz life in hostel is more TERRRRRIIIIIBBBBLLLLEEEE!!!!(but sometyme okla)...evry day has 2 wake up at 0530..really hate dat tyme...then get some bath n went to surau 2 perform subuh prayers..sleeeeeepppppyyyyyy!!...then breakfast as fast as i can n went 2 BA..take a short nap on some1's table..morning call then PNP...recess..proceed da PNP back n went bck hostel at 1350..for prep at 1500 until 1630...urgh its so tiring!..prep 4 da nite from 2100 until 2300...went bck hostel n read da Quran n sleep...dats my life...oh God when all this will last..

seriously i said dat i doesnt have much frens there...i dont evn have any besties..its hard 2 find some1 u really trust more like 'kera sumbang'la..but i dont really mind bout dat..i still can contnue my life without them ryte..juz 2 be patient dat some1 will fill dat place..ngeh2..

ermm..i lyke all my mum's cooking..doesnt like westerns much..but still can swallow them...xcept macaroni-macarena..i hate dat will just stuck in my throat n i will spill it out...ergh..i lyke any drinks..

dats all from me...if u wanna 2 know a lot bout me juz say it ok...

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