Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BoYs OvEr FlOwErs...argh!!!im crazy bout it..

okeih..urgh nervous 2 story bout them..haha..this is the most favourite korean movie dat i lyke...da story is superb..its about a poor girl named Geum Jan Di with her fam own a laundry shop..then she met with F4 which contains 4 man..first Gu Jyun Pyo the leader which own the Shinhwa group...(pling kayela)..then followed by Jii Hoo the grandson of the Pres of Japan...then Kim Bum which own a gold hand dat can make awesome potteries..last is Woo Bin..the leader of all gangsters and pub in Korea n Japan...this may sound stupid but juz watch it ok..erm dats all..juz watch it at utube..da fastest for BoYs OvEr FLowErS..

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